High-Level Enterprise Information Map (Insurance)

Ecosystem Modeling

Too often project teams have modeled databases and designed applications under the dictate of limited resources, time and budget. As a result, data are processed in silos that are not integrated and even in conflict with their "ecosystem" *.

Although the size of the ecosystem can be as large as planet Earth (and for some scientific projects certainly go further), there is no need to "boil the proverbial ocean", but to respect the factors that have an impact on an application's compatibility with its environment.

This been said, here a some typical influence factors (that ought to checked in this sequence):

  • Common sense / logic / ethics, norms & values
  • International laws, industry-specific regulations & norms
  • National laws, industry-specific regulations & norms
  • Local laws, industry-specific regulations & norms
  • The organization's own mission, targets & strategies

Grandite provides the consulting approach and the supporting modeling tools to help you ensure that your project results seamlessly fit with their ecosystem.

* Encyclopaedia Britannica defines "ecosystem" as "the complex of living organisms, their physical environment, and all their interrelationships in a particular unit of space".