Building Bridges for the Business

From Ellie to SILVERRUN


Your organization plans to develop a Data Strategy? Seeks to set up a program for Data Privacy, Data Governance, Master Data Management, or Customer Relationship Management? Wants to migrate your ERP system?

Regardless what - the most success-critical part is the beginning because early mistakes, omissions, false assumptions and vague language will negatively impact the entire process - and certainly the result. Therefore it is absolutely indispensable that those business units who are (supposed to be) the data owners and/or the primary beneficiaries of the endeavor are as actively involved as possible to bring in their business expertise.

Ellie - developed by Grandite's partner Ellie Technologies in Finland - is a business tool to create a blueprint of information objects that are crucial for an enterprise to achieve its purpose. While laying out information objects using Ellie, subject matter experts simultaneously collaborate on a common Data Glossary. Thus different parts of the organization are enabled to better understand the enterprise as a whole which avoids frictions where processes cross department lines and prevents potentially conflicting analytics on the corporate level.

Ellie supports an intuitive, audience-appropriate way of creating business-driven information maps without enforcing modeling rules while encouraging the engagement of business units.

But what is the best way to go from there?

Using the Ellie-SILVERRUN-RDM Bridge, the combination of Ellie and SILVERRUN Business Architecture Tools ensures a seamless process from an informal conceptual business perspective to a complete logical data model which is the centerpiece for further steps in the application design process.

If you

  • Are an existing Ellie user and seek to integrate your Ellie models in the further development process towards application database design
  • Are an existing SILVERRUN user and seek to improve the participation of business units in the creation of THEIR concept model
  • Need a fresh approach for modeling your ecosystem,

don't hesitate to

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