Free Live Webinar hosted by Channel Market Partners in collaboration with Grandite and VivoSecurity

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk For Personal Data In The Cloud

A process oriented approach for business leadership

Cybersecurity risk has emerged as a problem that keeps executives up at night. Organizations offer more and more online services and also collect more behavioral data on user shopping preferences and navigation habits. Organizations are also increasingly dependent on 3rd parties, including cloud services providers, to deliver the technology needed to fulfill these business needs. It is only a matter of time until the vulnerabilities of such an ecosystem of businesses and their suppliers are laid bare and Personal Data is exposed.

This webinar approaches Cybersecurity risk from a non-technical, senior management perspective and offers a simplified, business oriented approach to mitigate such risks. This webinar will resonate with CEOs, In-house Counsel, Chief Data Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Data Protection Officers, Chief Information Security Officers and other executives.



Dr. Thomas Lee is the CEO of VivoSecurity, a company focused on data collection, regression modeling and AI to quantify cyber security risk. Thomas has spoken at the Richmond Fed research conference 2018, invited participant at Richmond Fed cyber security workshop 2019, invited speaker at O.R.X Toronto & Milan 2018, speaker at OpRisk North America 2018, ACAMS panelist 2019, PRMIA NYC & BCG 2018, multiple patents for quantifying cyber security risk. Thomas holds degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, and an MS and PhD in Biophysics from the University of Chicago.


Axel Troike is President at Grandite, Quebec, Canada - the supplier of the SILVERRUN tools for business process and data modeling and provider of related services. With over 20 years of management experience, Axel also performs mandates as an independent Executive Consultant and Senior Project Manager. He has conducted more than 100 projects in 8 countries at the intersection of compliance, business and IT including a multi-year engagement in the insurance industry. More recently, Axel has specialized in helping businesses to achieve compliance with applicable data protection regulations such as GDPR. Axel holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics from Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany.

Time: October 22, 2020 at 2:00 pm EDT

Free to all attendees

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