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Building Bridges for the Business


Ellie - developed by Ellie Technologies in Finland - is a business tool to create a blueprint of information objects that are crucial for an enterprise to achieve its purpose. While laying out information objects using Ellie, subject matter experts simultaneously collaborate on a common Data Glossary. Thus different parts of the organization are enabled to better understand the enterprise as a whole which avoids frictions where processes cross department lines and prevents potentially conflicting reports on the corporate level.

But Ellie also delivers the conceptual input for IT and external suppliers to develop custom-tailored application software!

SILVERRUN Business Architecture Tools take in all substantial metadata from Ellie blueprints to enter a more formal data modeling process. Using SILVERRUN, Ellie-based concept models can be transformed to complete logical data models and from there be subject to SILVERRUN's traditional model management capabilities.

In this webinar you will learn how

  • Ellie supports an intuitive, audience-appropriate way of creating business-driven information maps,
  • Data modelers use SILVERRUN to complete these business blueprints for further steps in the application design process.

Rather than focusing on tool features, this webinar emphasizes a conceptual business perspective. It will therefore resonate with Business Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, Chief Data Officers, CIOs and other Senior Managers.


Ellie Technologies

Juha Korpela

Juha Korpela is the Chief Product Officer of Ellie Technologies Inc, where he is responsible for the product development of Ellie, the business-driven data modeling & information architecture tool. Over the last decade, Juha has worked in multiple industries (such as manufacturing, banking, and public sector) in a variety of high-profile data management tasks. His main areas of expertise are data modeling, data warehousing, information architecture management, and agile methodologies. You can find Juha from LinkedIn.


Axel Troike

Axel Troike is President at Grandite, Quebec, Canada - the supplier of the SILVERRUN Business Architecture Tools and provider of related services. With over 20 years of management experience, Axel also performs mandates as Executive Consultant and Senior Project Manager. He has conducted more than 100 projects in 8 countries at the intersection of compliance, business, and IT. More about Axel on LinkedIn.

Date: May 18, 2021

Time: 9:00 am EDT / 15h00 CEST / 16h00 EEST

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